The printing industry of today

When we think about an industry, we generally think in terms of its major product or products, The steel industry produces steel and the automobiles. But  what does the printing industry produce? The answer is things that are printed or related to the printing business, such as paper,inks, films or bindings.

Printing products are all around us. Books and magazines, newspapers and catalogs, maps and charts, posters and brochures, stamps and paper money are some examples of products produced in their entirety by the printing industry. Printing plays a key role in the generation of products produced by other industries as well. For example, textiles, wallpaper, toothpaste tubes, soft drink cans, candy wrappers, oranges and baseballs all contain printed images.    Even the circuits used for electronic devices such as calculators and television sets are printed.

When we use the term graphic communications as an alternative of printing or graphic arts, We also extend the product scope of printing industry. Satellite communication of documents, computer generated images, monitor display of words, etc. are considered as a part of graphic communications products.The list of products in whole or in part by the graphic communications industry is almost endless. Think ablut it. Printing is all around us.


Most printing is done in order to convey a message from one person or group of people to another. newspapers, books, magazines, catalogs, greeting cards, labels, and business forms are all examples of printed products used for this purpose. they all contain messages. When a message is sent by one person and received by another, communication takes place.

Printing messages are graphic or visual in form. They are made up of symbols, drawings, and photographs. Communication through the use of printed images is called graphic communication. The primary purpose of the graphic communications industry, then, is to produce products that communicate graphically.

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